Raja Ala
Kiri Ala


Tapioca is a starch found in the roots (tubers) of the plant. Different parts of the plant such as the root, leaves, and sometimes the whole plant, are used in herbal remedies. Cassava is classified as sweet or bitter.
Nutritional Value

Cassava roots combine high energy and high levels of some vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber and contain no trypsin inhibitor, but create a problem due to presence of cyanide which is removed by post-harvest treatments and cooking. The edible green leaves of cassava are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals and are often used to augment the rural diet.

Fried cassava is a common snack food in Sri Lanka.

Raja Ala

Raja ala (Dioscorea)
Dioscorea is a seasonal crop.

Shape of tuber : Globular, Occasionally divided tubers
Flesh colour : Purple colour
Taste : Starchy


Nutritional value

Innala is the most profitable tuber crop that is grown in Sri Lanka. It is grown basically for the local market and where cultivation is done in large extents marketing is not a problem.